Make somebody a little bit happier

“Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”

Charlotte Brontë

There is a charity organisation in Łódź that helps children from troubled families, it’s called Happy Kids. They’re busy doing a great job helping children to have a better start in life by providing them with loving families. I cannot begin to imagine how hard a job it is and so important!

There is one young person under the care of this organisation, currently studying Computer Science, who wants to be a software developer in the future.

We felt we just had to help! So, we chose to fund a notebook for this student. In this way we could help in pursuing dreams which we understand only too well!

Happy Kids has thanked us for that, but no, we thank you Happy Kids - for doing such an important and great job!

We would like to encourage you all to share your happiness with others, to help those who have possibly had less luck than you.

If you feel like supporting Happy Kids in their mission, there are plenty of ways for you to do so: here you can directly support one of the ongoing causes, here you can buy a nice snowman or fridge magnet supporting Happy Kids, here you will find direct bank accounts to support this charity financially. You can also become a volunteer or even ask guests at your wedding to support Happy Kids instead of buying you flowers (I know, flowers are beautiful but not quite as beautiful as children’s smiles!). You can dedicate 1% of your taxes to Happy Kids (a common way to support charities in Poland). You can also choose something to buy, in the same way as we did for our software engineer. If you’d like to help but have problems in making your way through the Polish website, please let us know, we’ll be more than happy to help!

By sharing some of what you have, you can help Happy Kids to make somebody a little bit happier.


Share the happiness :)
Michał Śliwoń
Michał Śliwoń
Michał is a passionate software developer touching everything from C# to Javascript frameworks, not afraid of F# and Objective-C. He loves meetups and conferences.