Happy Retreat

Kuba Waliński Happy Retreat

Being a remote-centric company, we tremendously enjoy the rare occasions when we have a chance to meet each other in person. We strive to organise Happy Retreats every few months for exactly that purpose.

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Does your workspace have to be boring?

Damian Tarnacki Does your workspace have to be boring?

You just got hired in a company. A big one. The one you always dreamed about. Today is your first, exciting day. You arrive at 9 A.M. sharp, your supervisor welcomes you and introduces to rules and customs in the company. First stop, kitchen and coffee machine (yay, freshly brewed drink of gods). Second stop, chill room and hammocks, sweet. Third stop, your team (open)room and your desk with shiny laptop the IT guy delivered a few seconds ago. You couldn’t be happier, could you?

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Hackathons - how to tame the beast

Damian Tarnacki Hackathons - how to tame the beast

Many of us became programmers because we wanted to solve problems that we came across every day. It doesn't matter if we want to create a website for ourselves, write a mobile app that's missing from the store or program a robot just for fun. We are driven by curiosity and making machines to help us in the process is absolutely satisfying. How about we take all that passion, multiply by dozens of people and focus on solving real issues? That's the idea behind a hackathon - turning any idea into reality in a realtively short amount of time.

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Debugging in JavaScript

Artur Marszałek Debugging in JavaScript

Based on my own experience in JavaScript I want to describe some methods which I have learned during my work: how to deal with the worst scenario - when something in the code doesn’t work as expected!

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Happy Team's self development in 2016

Michał Śliwoń Happy Team's self development in 2016

5+ Programme is designed to enhance our self-development at Happy Team. We add 5PLN to the hour rate of every employee. It is up to the person to decide how to spend this money. We started this in April 2016. This is 9 months of putting away money for our self-development. What have you done with it?

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Why feedback is important

Michał Śliwoń Why feedback is important

We think that feedback shaped our company. We would have probably never decided to found it without an established feedback culture. It plays a huge role in our ways of working and it's quite embedded into everything we do.

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How remote team can help your business

Marcin Biegała How remote team can help your business

You can find many articles over the web that will tell you how much better life of a remote developer is, but have you ever considered how being remote or working with a remote team could help your business?

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