we work remotely!

What we do?

We deliver dedicated software solutions and provide consultancy to a wide variety of industries. That includes:

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    mobile native

    and hybrid apps

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    desktop apps

    and backend services

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    data storage

    and manipulation

About us

The Company

Happy Team was founded in 2015 when 5 software developers, who enjoyed working together, decided to go independent and fully unlock their potential as a team.

.NET Framework, C# and JavaScript are the tools being extensively used by the team on a daily basis. But over the course of years team members gathered experience in delivering ASP.NET MVC websites, WPF desktop applications, Single Page Applications, native iOS apps and hybrid mobile apps.

It's not only writing code but also exchanging opinions and ideas that's important for the team's growth. HappyTeam loves people and communities. Founders of DevDay and organizers of GET.NET and dev@LDZ meetup are a part of the team. Most of the team members are also successful international conference speakers.

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Who we are?

The Team

Happy Team supports customers from around the world in their business by providing them with smart and passionate software developers. Every one of them spent last decade expanding his skills in software development field choosing different paths and technologies.

  • Kuba Waliński
    Jakub Waliński

    Enthusiastic JS afficionado sharing his passion for the front-end at various international conferences. He is also managing our biggest project and the clients love his deep understanding of their business model and problem domain.

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    Maciej Woźniak

    Software dev, interested in functional programming and learning new programming languages in general. Currently, in love with Elixir. Dreams of having an animal shelter. Also, a tea enthusiast, runner, gamer.

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    Emil Nowak

    Solutions Architect, Full Stack Developer and Tech Lead with 17+ years of experience. Believes in creating good software when passion, quality and perfection come together. Privately he is happy husband and father of three kids, an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) and half-marathon runner.

  • Marcin Wilczyński
    Marcin Wilczyński

    Backend developer trying to understand the magic of JavaScript. The one thing that scares him is SharePoint, besides that he's afraid of nothing! In his spare time he travels across Poland on a motorcycle just to clear his mind.

  • Artur Marszałek
    Artur Marszałek

    Young Java, JavaScript, C# dev. He still believes that clean code and unit tests make a difference. His motivation to work is a desire to continuously develop himself. He likes challenges and solving difficult problems. After work he tries to keep in shape.

  • Damian Tarnacki
    Damian Tarnacki

    A developer that believes that optimised workflow for a user matters. Experienced in all layers but having more passion for building frontend with perfectly aligned elements. Always up for riddles and weekend travels.

  • Witold Wróbel
    Witold Wróbel

    Software developer. Experienced in all layers, but he likes backend, databases and networking the most. He's not afraid of JavaScript (anymore). Believes that software design and readable code do exist. After work a father and cyclist.

  • Konrad Kołodziejski
    Konrad Kołodziejski

    Long-haired developer who believes that user experience is far less important than well-written and properly tested backend. Likes to drink coffee as much as writing things in Java. Seriously addicted to metal music.

  • Adam Jastrząbek
    Adam Jastrząbek

    A man that is not afraid of any technologies. Experienced Java developer and JavaScript enthusiast. Loves to solve issues, take photos and listen to electronic music. He dreams about publishing his own indie game for a long time, trying to believe, that dreams really do come true.

  • Szymon Niedźwiedzki
    Szymon Niedźwiedzki

    Full-stack developer who is getting more into management areas. He loves solving complex problems and working in positive vibes. Privately a father, sailor and volleyball player. Enjoys playing board games.

  • Ewa Pietura
    Ewa Pietura

    Quality Assurance Specialist with Polish language teaching facilities, which gives her special powers as manifested in her soft skills. One day she discovered passion for IT and became a tester. There is no edge case that can frighten her. Privately she enjoys hanging on a rope, stuck to the wall, where she's looking for the right place to put a toe on the rock.

  • Alina Piątek-Pustelak
    Alina Piątek-Pustelak

    Changed her career from Finance to IT as apparently after 5 years of being married to a software developer, she knows how to bridle IT geeks. Enthusiastically enters meanders of quality assurance. After hours gym shark and proud owner of the best dog in the world - Diuna.

Our Values

What we believe in

Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our team. They influence the way we work with each other, serve our customers and engage with communities.

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    Knowledge Sharing

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Come work with us
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See what our clients say about us
  • Our cooperation with Happy Team started when Kuba Walinski - one of the founders - gave us a helping hand on a project that was at risk. Even though we never met in person I must admit that any work done for us by Happy Team is of great quality and always on time. Moreover, Happy Team understands our business very well, even though we realise our explanations are not always crystal clear ;)
    I definitely recommend Happy Team!

    Emilia Bratkowska
    Director of Marketing, Rainbow Tours S.A.
  • I have been working with Happy Team for over a year and have been impressed with their talent, professionalism and problem solving abilities. They have always delivered on time without the need for oversight. They have been a true force multiplier for my business.

    Riccardo Terrell

What's new?

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Happy Retreat

Happy Retreat

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Being a remote-centric company, we tremendously enjoy the rare occasions when we have a chance to meet each other in person. We strive to organise Happy Retreats every few months for exactly that purpose.

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Hackathons - how to tame the beast

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Many of us became programmers because we wanted to solve problems that we came across every day. It doesn't matter if we want to create a website for ourselves, write a mobile app that's missing from the store or program a robot just for fun. We are driven by curiosity and making machines to help us in the process is absolutely satisfying. How about we take all that passion, multiply by dozens of people and focus on solving real issues? That's the idea behind a hackathon - turning any idea into reality in a realtively short amount of time.

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