Happy Developer

We’re looking for next Happy Developers!

Currently we have a few open positions for Happy Developers!
If you want to join us, do some work and have fun in the process, just send us your CV to careers@happyteam.io!

What do we offer?
- Professional and respectful work atmosphere.
- Fully remote environment - you can work from anywhere!
- You will get your personal budget for sharpening your saw (books, conferences, workshops - you choose, no questions asked).
- Are you a conference speaker or want to be one? That’s great! We fully support that, even financially!
- Do you want to rent an office or coworking space? We will help here too!
- B2B contract with a reasonable hourly rate.

What do we expect from you?
Don’t worry, you won’t find list of acronyms and worthless certificates here.
We look for open-minded professionals, not afraid to step up if they think it will benefit our customers. Those that are eager to learn new things and are not discouraged by failures.

Currently we’re looking for senior developers who have knowledge about C# and AngularJS. The project involves building Microservices with RESTful APIs, securing it with Identity Server, applying event-driven patterns with messaging using NServiceBus. Primary storage is SQL Server. Unit tests and integrations tests are written on a daily basis and service documentation is done with Swagger.

If that sounds cool to you, send us a message with your CV to careers@happyteam.io.

We’d be thrilled to work with you and create a happy environment together!